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The Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd is accredited with the Australian Government - DofA

(Department of Agriculture) as an Organic Certification Body.


Organic farming and organic processes are about working with natural  inputs and as little as possible of anything that will cause adverse  environmental impact.

A key principle in organic production systems is to direct farming activity at improving the soil humus content so that  plants and animals are being provided with an abundance of naturally occurring nutrients rather than water soluble elements.

An organic certification offers you:



•the recognition needed for access to niche organic export markets

•written guarantee of quality to the customer

•customer reassurance that goals and objectives are being met while being closely monitored

The OFA (Organic Federation of Australia) is a knowledge source for the organic industry in Australia.


It offers you:

The ability to access the European Market

The use of the EU Logo

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The OFC is committed to fast friendly service while upholding the National Organic Standard of Australia and other international organic certification standards

OISCC    The Organic Industry Standards and Certification Council maintains the National Standards for Organic and                          Biodynamic produce, to ensure continued consumer confidence and International market access.