Commonsense Organic Certification


Export Organic Program

Exporting over 10kg/l of product to international countries requires an Organic Produce Certificate (OPC).

The Export Control (Organic Produce Certification) Orders prohibits the export of organic produce unless an organic produce certificate has been issued under these Orders for the produce.

These documents are a requirement by the Australian Government and require authorisation from Certification Bodies such as the OFC.

For all OFC Clients this is a Free Service.

However the OFC can authorise OPC’s even if you are not a direct client to the Organic Food Chain at a small cost.

Fee Schedule:

Certified Organic Clients other than OFC - $25.00

Non-certified Organic clients- $45.00

The primary objective of the Export Organic Program is to ensure that organic and bio-dynamic produce exported from Australia meets the requirements of importing countries, ensuring that international market access is maintained.

If you intend to export food, cosmetics, fibre or any product that is described (labelled) as 'organic', 'bio-dynamic', 'biological', 'ecological' or by any other word of similar indication, you should be aware of the following:

Export Control (Organic Produce Certification) Orders—these orders make it illegal to export organic produce without a government to government certificate

Organic Notice 2015-01

Organic Notice 2015-02

Organic Notice 2015-03

Organic Notice 2015-04



Guidelines for the Issue of OPCs to all Markets
OFC Instructions for Obtaining Approval for OPCs

Organic Produce Certificate

EU Certificate of Inspection for Organic Product Import

EU Export Declaration

The OFC is committed to fast friendly service while upholding the National Organic Standard of Australia and other international organic certification standards